Name of Company : Vinh Thanh Packaging Company Limited



Slogan: Increasing Values - Sustainable Development
Address: 104 Group 3 - Quarter Khanh Long, Tan Phuoc Khanh Ward, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam.

Tel: 0650.3.658.761 - 0650.6.279.889. Fax: 0650.3.658.406.


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Tax code: 3700362970

Account Number: 050004404871. Sacombank (branch of Binh Duong), Viet Nam.

History and development:

- In 1995, Vinh Thanh Packaging Company Limited was formerly known as Enterprise of Vinh Thanh Packaging.

- In 1999, Vinh Thanh Packaging Private Enterprise was established under license No: 82 GP / TLDN on 23/04/1999 by the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province.

- In 2001, Vinh Thanh Packaging Company Ltd was established with Business registration No. 4602000149, dated 01.18.2001 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Duong Province. Registration on 3rd at May 2005.

- In 2004, the company established member Tan Vinh Thanh Paper Company Ltd specializes in production supplying inputs for carton packaging production life cycle as well as provides paper rolls to the market.
- In 2009, investment in the modern production line corrugated Carton machine imported from foreign countries to improve productivity and quality of the company's products on the market.

- In 2010, continue to invest the modern 4-colors printing system imported from foreign vendors to improve productivity and quality of the company's products on the market.

-  07/2013, Vinh Thanh Packaging Co. Ltd honored to receive the title "Vietnam Golden Brand Products in WTO Integration" for Carton packaging products.

- 09/2013, Vinh Thanh Packaging Co. Ltd continued honor to receive the Certification of ISO 9001-2008 TCVN/ISO 9001-2008 issued by the VIETCERT organization.

- 10/2013, Mr. Pham Van Tuong - Director of Vinh Thanh Packaging Co., Ltd honered to receive the title "Distinguished Entrepreneur 2013" by the Union of Science and Technology of Vietnam & Center for Research and Brand Development of Vietnam awarded in recognition of the contribution and effort devoted to the Paper carton packaging industry for over 20 years.

- With the strategic direction of the Board of Directors and the outstanding efforts of the members of the company, all have helped the company to gradually asserted its position in the market and the precious trust of customers.

- The company has increasingly incresed line of modern machinery and equipment, improved the capacity to contribute to the stabilization of production and labor productivity growth.

- The company is growing year by year; the market is increasingly expanding, increasing customer’s references, confirming the prestige brand on the market.

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Become one of the biggest suppliers of total packaging solutions with prestige, quality and efficiency in order to increase value for customers and society.

We are constantly improving to make the best products and services with prestige, quality, the highest honor and responsibility to best meet the increasing needs of customers, social and contribute to national prosperity as well as building a strong company and give our members the best conditions for development of talent and a life full of material and spiritual abundance.

Core values:

- Customer orientation

+ Always listen, discuss and build good relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
+ To promote innovation and creativity in order to create competitive products and services.
+ Always bring more alternatives for customers.
+ Always treat customers the way they expect.

- Discipline and commitment to quality
+ Compliance with laws, policies and regulations of the Company.
+ Commitment in all professional conducts, always set the values and principles of the Vinh Thanh Co., Ltd on top of all actions and decisions.
+ Commitment achieve quality and best performance.
+ Always keep learning, development, innovation and pride in our work.

- Respect, honesty and reliability
+ Respect for customers, leaders, colleagues and partners involved.
+ Honest, straight, fairness and responsibility.
+ To raise the prestige, power, and trust each other.

- The spirit of leadership and desire to win
+ As a leader in the scope of their responsibilities with a commitment to provide the best performance.
+ Understand the vision and mission of the company and put the effort with the purpose of achieving  the objectives and strategies set by the leaders.
+ Development desire, to be the best and winners.

- Excellent working environment
+ People are valuable assets of the company and given every opportunity to maximize their personal capacity.
+ To encourage a fun working environment, open, sincere and friendly manners.
+ To promote the spirit of teamwork and cooperation to make the job exciting and challenging.
+ Justice, recognize and reward achievement worthy of all members.

- Orientation to results
+ Set goals that challenge and competition.
+ Focus on results and efficiency gains.
+ Taking responsibility, confront and resolve issues with a constructive spirit in order to proceed to execute perfectly.

Business Philosophy
- To raise the level of values and successful cooperation with all stakeholders.
- Always the best service.
- Treat customers and partners the way they desire.
- To raise the prestige, quality and efficiency.
- Continuous improvements and new breakthroughs.
- As a socially responsible business.

Dear customers!

Vinh Thanh Packaging Co., Ltd. has over 20 years experienced in the packaging carton business industry  with closed technology process from stage paper roll production to the stage corrugated machine and Printing on the modern Color Printer imported from overeas.

We with a team of highly experienced employees that are qualified technical and professional, motivated, enthusiastic, creative and long-term commitment to the company, have contributed to increase the prestige, productivity and quality at the same time creating the best products to meet customer needs. We are always working to improve research productivity and quality of products to serve our customers better.

We have been giving customers selections and providing differents sorts of efficient packaging cartons products of 3 layers, 5 layers, and 7 layers according to the quantity; Vietnamese paper, imported paper, and waterproof paper as well as providing  delivery service to our consumers.
We always look forward to long term cooperation with your company in the field of supply Packaging Carton with best attitude, service to promote the reputation and experiences we have developed in recent years.

We not only supply carton packaging products, but also as a consultant to highly efficient packaging solutions to enhance value for customers in the use of packaging carton for the best products and services.

We would like to sincerely thank our customers for trust, care and support for our company in the past time and accompany us in the future.

Director of the Company


- The company purchased raw material such as: re-use paper, paper rolls, paper plates and other auxiliary materials to produce through many stages of forming Carton packaging.

- The company specializes in production packaging Carton layers 3-5-7 type, Flexo, Offset on packaging; providing paper plates, paper rolls, 2 waterproof kraft paper should be able to sign contracts in partnership with all other companies or individuals wishing to use our company's products as specified in the contract.


- Business activities: Expand production; continuously improve productivity, quality, production efficiency; focused on technology and techniques to expand the scale of production. Market research and always timely to meet the increasing demand of the market.

- Social relations: expanding relationships with partners, strengthen cooperation, contributing to the organization and improving the production of society.

- Obligation to state: On the basis of efficient production, we always fulfill obligations to the state, with local authorities through the full payment of taxes in accordance.

- Life of workers: recruitment and hire workers according to the demand business expanding; strictly Labor Code, organize the material as well as the social life being of the employees. In addition, encourage creative ideas and personal development, promote close relationship between the members to help and motivate them to learn from each other and promote the spirit of teamwork, so improve efficiency in production and to create the best working environment for employees.

- Environmental protection, order and security: maintaining order and safety in the work environment, environmental hygiene; fulfill national obligation, abide by the laws.


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Mr. Vu (Technical)
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