Ministry of Trade proposed environmental tax suspension bags

VPA for that tax rates VND 40,000 / kg typed directly onto each kg of plastic packaging products are not consumer acceptance because the product team up.
Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA), the initial damage of plastic right enterprises in the first month (March 1-2012) tax environment is the output and revenue down 35% over the same period last year, drag by 20% of workers to quit by reducing output.
With the difficulties of enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Trade Ministry Suggested Resources and Environment should promulgate the amendment and supplement specific guidance to clarify the regulations subject to tax plastic bags, the definition packaging of goods available, standard rules for taxable bags, environmentally friendly bags ...
Tax, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the tax imposed no schedule, no fixed tariffs for specific types of products various plastic bags, making business very difficult, awkward in operation production and trading.
Standards for plastic bags subject to tax, plastic bags are not environmentally friendly regulations should also make it difficult for businesses and tax authorities in the calculation.

Subject to tax on the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the definition of plastic bags liable to environmental protection are unclear, many businesses are not sure of their products or their raw materials are subject to use tax or not (shopping bags, packaging prefilled, packaging for exports, imports packaging ...).
Export assessment results first 3 months of 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also confirmed tax law for environmental protection bags irrational and inconsistent, causing great difficulties and obstacles and affect export performance, efficiency business performance of enterprises.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, after a period of implementation of tax policies on environmental protection, has received the opinion of many associations, industries and enterprises reflect difficulties in the production and use of plastic packaging when legislation.


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